Froggy Friend Pattern

Spring is in the air, and with spring comes frogs! Glorious frogs! As a kid, I remember having fun catching frogs in the creek with my sisters. We’d hold their soft, slimy bodies in our hands until they’d hop away. (I have since learned that you shouldn’t hold frogs without gloves on for the safety of both you and the frog!)

These days, I don’t go searching for frogs in the wild, but I do enjoy making cute frog themed art! I wanted to share this simple frog amigurumi pattern with you so that you could crochet a cute, round froggy friend of your very own and spread the froggy love.<3 So let’s hop to it!

Below are some video tutorials (both left and right handed) in case you want to follow a video for extra guidance with crocheting this frog or just want someone to crochet with! If you’d rather follow a written pattern, keep scrolling down.

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Left-handed Froggy Friend Video Tutorial
Right-handed Froggy Friend Video Tutorial


3.25mm crochet hook
6mm safety eyes (1 pair)
Black embroidery thread
Green worsted weight yarn (I use the brand Loops & Thread’s Impeccable Yarn in the shade Citron)
Fiberfill stuffing
Sewing pins
Yarn needle
Stitch markers (optional)

Eyes (make 2)

finished froggy eye

Using green yarn.

Row 1. magic circle with 6 sc stitches (6)
Row 2. inc x 6 (12)
Row 3. sc x 12 (12)

Fasten off with a slip stitch. Leave a long tail for sewing onto the frog’s body.

Crocheted eye.

Once you’ve finished crocheting the eye, it is time to attach the 6mm safety eye in place.

Insert the safety eye between rows 2 & 3. Secure backing onto the safety eye. Once secured, your frog eye should look like the below photo.

Finished froggy eye.
Finished frog eye.

Arms/Legs (make 4)

Finished froggy leg.

Using green yarn.

Row 1. magic circle with 5 sc stitches (5)
Row 2. sc x 5 (5)
Row 3. sc x 5 (5)

Fasten off with a slip stitch. Leave a long tail for sewing onto the frog’s body.


finished frog body

Using green yarn.

Row 1. magic circle with 6 sc stitches (6)
Row 2. inc x 6 (12)
Row 3. [sc, inc] x 6 (18)
Row 4. [sc x 2, inc] x 6 (24)
Row 5. [sc x 3, inc] x 6 (30)
Row 6. sc x 30 (30)
Row 7. sc x 30 (30)
Row 8. sc x 30 (30)
Row 9. sc x 30 (30)
Row 10. sc x 30 (30)

Once you’ve completed row 10, your frog’s body should look like this:

what the body should look like after completing row 10

Now it is time to sew the mouth onto your frog! For this step you will need your yarn needle and black embroidery thread. Thread your needle with the black embroidery thread. Continue following the steps in the below photos to create your frog’s mouth.

Insert your needle up through the middle of the 4th row of your frog’s body.
Next, insert the needle one stitch over…
and pull through until you have a small, “U” shaped loop. This will be your mouth shape! Use this step to make the mouth as big or small as you’d like. Once you’ve got the shape you want, move on to the next step.
Now we are going to sew the bottom of the mouth in place. Insert your needle up through the body, making sure it is at the center of the top side of the “U” shape. Below is another image to help you.
Pull your needle and thread through.
Insert your needle back down through the frog, making sure that it is at the bottom side of the “U” shape this time. This should secure the mouth in place. Fasten off your thread and trim the loose edges. You are done creating the mouth!

Row 11. sc x 30 (30)
Row 12. [sc x 3, dec] x 6 (24)
Row 13. [sc x 2, dec] x 6 (18)
Row 14. [sc, dec] x 6 (12)

Stuff firmly with fiber fill stuffing.

Row 15. dec x 6 (6)

Sew the hole closed and weave in the ends.

Putting the Pieces Together

Now that we’ve completed the eyes, arms/legs, and body of our frog, it is time to sew all of the pieces in place!

Using sewing pins, pin the eyes into place. Use the below photos to guide you on placement. I placed my eyes about 1.5 rows to the left and right of the top of the body.

Next, pin the arms and legs into place. I placed my frog’s arms about 1 row down from the bottom of the eyes. For the legs, I placed them about 4 rows below the arms.

Once all of the pieces are pinned onto your frog, use the yarn tails attached to each piece to sew the pieces to the body.

Finished crocheted frog
Hello cute froggy friend~!

And that is it! You now have a cute amigurumi froggy friend of your very own! I hope you enjoyed this pattern! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to reply as soon as I can.

Every amigurumi is different, even when following the same pattern. I love seeing the different amigurumis created from my patterns. If you’d like to share a picture of your finished froggy friend on social media, please tag me @toristorycreations! I would love to see them!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. πŸ™‚ Happy crocheting!


This is an original pattern by Toristory Creations. Please do not claim this pattern or any part of it as your own. If you plan on selling the amigurumi made from this pattern, please mention Toristory Creations as the pattern designer. You may place a link to this pattern on your own website, but please do not repost or republish any part of this pattern on your site or social media. As always, I love to see finished creations made by my patterns, so please share your own versions of this pattern with me @toristorycreations